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Race Equity


From 2017 though Spring 2019 all members of Church Council and the Race Equity Committee (REC), and then more than fifty additional members of the congregation took the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), a tool that helps to develop intercultural competence – the ability to engage effectively and appropriately with people who are different than ourselves. These efforts are in keeping with our church's mission of becoming a more welcoming community.

If you are a new member or have yet to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, please contact one of the members of the Race Equity Committee or fill out the form linked on this page.

About the IDI process

The IDI is completely confidential and aimed toward your personal growth. Individuals respond to an online instrument, and results are shared back in a private, one-on-one consultation with a trained professional. In this meeting, you will be given a detailed explanation of your developmental profile and suggestions for increasing your intercultural effectiveness, no matter where along the continuum you landed (we have all discovered that we land a bit behind where we had originally thought we would!). Our consultant from the Synod will also share a picture of where we are as an organization. As a follow-up, the REC has planned optional activities and outings throughout the upcoming year for anyone interested in building fellowship within the congregation and with the community as they strive to become more culturally competent.

See our Beloved Community website, which is dedicated to this specific work.


Felecia Boone, Scott Endo, Kristy Rolig, and Shari Seifert

Race Equity Committee

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